October 20, 2003

opensurveypilot 1.0.1. RC1 released

meijerink writes "opensurveypilot now with easy to use plug and play installationsscript.

Cologne. October the 20th 2003. Two months after the successful start of the open source project opensurveypilot, developer and publisher serie a digitale medien and systeme GmbH releases a new version. (http://www.surveypilot.de/english/releasehistory.php)

opensurveypilot 1.0.1.RC1 is improved in many ways, but to point out the the new plug and play installationscript, serie a digitale medien und systeme GmbH took the advice from the communitiy. The new installation is very easy to use and tested by the opensurveypilot community.

Changes to opensurveypilot 1.0:

  • fixed some minor Bugs
  • system für includes/requires is modified so that you don't have to set up on a virtual host
  • config system changed, only one global config to edit pathes and database settings
  • install script for an easier installation of Opensurveypilot added
  • matrix optimized Excel export added
  • Excel export table- and single- view modified
  • cookie security method added
  • SESSION can't be transferred from TAN-Login to Administration anymore
  • jump groups with unlimited hierarchy now working



opensurveypilot v1.0 is a strong opensource webbased system enabling the preparation and evaluation of votings, inquiries, online surveys, polls and many more.The german based company serie-a digitale medien und systeme GmbH publishes the software for use and for further development under the mozilla public licence (MPL) version 1.1. opensurveypilot v1.0 uses a linux system with apache webserver and mySQL database. The source code has been written using the script language PHP.

serie a - digitale medien und systeme GmbH:
Founded in 1998, serie a - digitale medien und systeme is at the forefront of Open Source software and internet technologies, providing products and services like IT development and software engineering. The company is based in Cologne, Germany."

Link: opensurveypilot.de


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