openSUSE 12.2 RC1 Available for Testing


openSUSE login screenopenSUSE 12.2 Release Candidate 1 is now available to download.

Get it

Download it from As usual, a list of the most annoying bugs is being maintained and you can see the list of bugsand/or file a new one in Bugzilla.


Since Beta 2 the following changes have been made, from the bottom of the stack to the top:

grub2 was updated to 2.0 final, notably fixing serial console support by respecting the console width. Its branding was also updated. There were fixes to udev, and to udisks and udisks2 to hide LVM RAID partitions, and many fixes came to autofs from an updated upstream patch.

A lot of systemd fixes came in, including a crash and memleak fix when rotating journals. Many packages now include systemd unit files natively, so these were removed from the systemd package itself, for example for Plymouth, which has been updated to rpm now calls systemctl daemon-reload when installing new init scripts.

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