September 11, 2009

openSUSE Goes Offline To Transform

Article Source Linux Journal
September 10, 2009, 11:27 pm

Having your Linux distribution suddenly disappear from the internet would put a strain on anyone. It does happen from time to time, however, something the team at Fedora can testify to. Announcing in advance that your distro will pull a David Copperfield would prove far less stressful, and that's exactly what the good people at openSUSE have done.

According to an openSUSE news post from Novell's Lars Vogdt, planned maintenance at the SUSE Linux office in Nuremberg, Germany will result in interruptions to a number of openSUSE's services. Though it affects only the Maxtorhof building on the Nuremberg campus, the maintenance in question is to the building's transformers, resulting in the entire site losing power for the duration of the work. As a result, all servers at the site, including those hosting openSUSE services, will be taken offline.


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