August 29, 2013

The openSUSE Release Process (SUSE openSUSE Blog)

Michal Hrusecky and Jos Poortvliet team up to describe the openSUSE release process on the SUSE openSUSE blog. They cover the nuts and bolts of the software side, as well as the marketing activity preparing for a release. "There are several bots that check packages [sent] to Factory. First is factory-auto, which does some basic checks regarding you spec file, rpmlint warnings and similar. If you pass this quick test, it’s time for more thorough testing. A bot named factory-repo-checker tries to actually install your package in a testing environment to make sure it is possible and it also looks for possible file conflicts, so you wouldn’t overwrite somebody [else's] package. Last check before a package gets in front of the review team is legal-auto. This one checks the licence (did it change? is it a new package?) and if needed calls in our legal team to take a look at the package. The final step is manual review by members of review team which will try to spot mistakes that automatic checks overlook."

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