January 8, 2011

openSUSE Weekly News available for EBook Reader

Some years, the openSUSE Weekly News, only was edited and published in the Wiki. Now, after some time the team is looking forward to break new ground.

The new ground are new formats. editing for . Also, translations are well done. The disadvantage, however, that an interested reader must surf again and again to a particular website, and these must be read online.

To extend our offer, we have already started in the middle of last year to convert the wikicode in HTML code, and published it in full on openSUSE's News platform news.opensuse.org. This is now offered readers the opportunity to subscribe to the RSS feed, and thus any time if the reader wishes it to be available.

The wiki is currently common good for editingAfter the openSUSE Conference 2010 now the idea was born, to extract the Weekly News from the Wiki, and to set up a new format, namely XML. This format had the advantage for the team now, the content has already been structured to capture and we were the first to directly create from the XML code out of HTML code. We developed our XSL style sheets, XML files for each section (Announcements, In the community, ...), and also scripts that made it possible for us to address the complex processes. Recently, we even have a script in our repertoire, with which we can export the XML code into a PDF document. Thus, our readers another way, your openSUSE Weekly News in a popular eBook format have read.

In the medium to long term, we plan to offer even MOBI.

To put it also to allow more members of the editorial team to work on the XML sources, we have an SVN repository at BerliOS claimed, so that is available to all registered in the repository.

All of our style sheets and XML files and the scripts are under the CC-BY-SA license, and we share them upon request to members of other Weekly News Team.

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