December 15, 2005

OpenVZ Website Introduced

Sharon Smith writes "OpenVZ Project Introduces Website to Support Operating System Virtualization Technology for Open Source Community

HERNDON, VA, December 14, 2005 -- The OpenVZ project today introduced a website ( to freely distribute and offer support to the open source project promoting operating system virtualization through a collaborative, community effort., in limited production since September, provides full access to the OpenVZ virtualization software, plus installation instructions, additional documentation as well as access to different support options that are available, including online chat. will now also provide a participation platform for feedback, shared experiences, bug fixes, feature requests and knowledge with other users.

"The OpenVZ website is an open door to our operating system virtualization software built on Linux," said Kir Kolyshkin, manager of the OpenVZ project. "We hope many, many users will benefit from our virtualization software, which helps increase server utilization."

About OpenVZ Software
OpenVZ is operating system level server virtualization software technology, built on Linux, that creates isolated, secure virtual private servers (VPS) on a single physical server -- enabling better server utilization and better availability with fewer performance penalties. The virtual servers ensure that applications do not conflict and can be re-booted independently.

About the OpenVZ Project

OpenVZ software serves the needs of the community developers, testers, documentation experts, and other technology enthusiasts who wish to participate in and accelerate the technology development process. OpenVZ, supported by SWsoft, is a subset of the Virtuozzo virtualization software product.

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Bill Baker, Baker Communications Group, LLC


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