March 19, 2006

OpenZaurus 3.5.4 released

OpenZaurus team is proud to present the fourth OpenZaurus distribution release based on the BitBake build system and the OpenEmbedded metadata repository.

The highlights of this release are:

  • OPIE 1.2.1
  • GPE 2.7
  • Cross SDK provided
  • Native SDK provided
  • WPA support on all machines
  • Linux Kernel 2.6.14-rc1 for C7×0
  • nearly 3000 source packages which result in 12000 packages to install
  • Various corrections to keymaps for all machines have been made
  • Fixed keyboard repeat on c7×0 machines
  • Suspend/resume issues on collie, poodle, tosa have been fixed
  • Bluetooth improvements all over the place, especially in the base system
  • some 802.11g CF cards probably work now
  • Enlightenment DR 17 images (experimental)


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