August 14, 2001

Opera 5.05 for Linux Technology Preview 1 introduces Java

Author: JT Smith

OSLO, Norway - August 14, 2001 - Opera Software today released Opera 5.05 for Linux
Technology Preview (TP). The browser updates the current final version of Opera 5.0 for
Linux by adding support for Netscape plug-ins including Java, giving Linux users a faster,
better and less bloated Internet experience while enjoying their favorite plug-ins for video,
audio, document viewing, animation and much more.
Technology preview is a term for a publicly released alpha version, and bugs and crashes 
are to be expected when running plug-ins. Opera's release of technology previews follows 
in the company's tradition of openness towards the Internet community, inviting them to 
provide feedback to Opera's developers, while watching the browser's development 

"This release is essentially an update to the final version of Opera 5.0 for Linux with 
added support for Netscape plug-ins," says Hakon Wium Lie, Chief Technology Officer of 
Opera Software. "Users running plug-ins may find unforeseen bugs or behavior in the 
browser, and we are therefore inviting our Linux users to test the browser and submit their 
bug reports."

Opera 5.05 for Linux Technology Preview 1 supports a wide variety of Netscape plug-ins 
such as Flash and Plugger for audio and video, Acrobat Reader to view pdf documents, 
and Sun Java 2 Runtime Environment with Java Plug-in 1.3.1 for interactive Internet 

Opera continues its commitment to the standards as laid out by the World Wide Web 
Consortium (W3C). Opera 5.05 for Linux Technology Preview 1 supports the following 
technologies: 128-bit encryption, TLS 1.0, SSL 2 and 3, CSS1 and CSS2, XML, HTML 
4.01, HTTP 1.1, ECMAScript, JavaScript 1.3, partial DOM and WAP/ WML, as well as 
support for Netscape plug-ins.

Opera 5.05 for Linux Technology Preview 1 can be downloaded for free at

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