October 5, 2000

Opinion: What Linux and OS/2 can learn from 'Survivor'

Author: JT Smith

From an OSOpinion column: "In the real world, reliable and flexible platforms like OS/2 Warp and
Linux are seen by many mediocre programmers and highly-paid but
overrated consultants as threats to their carefully arranged
hegemony of mediocrity. There's nothing like being able to tell the
client, 'Sorry we had to come by today and charge you $800 to
restore your data on your PC, but that's Windows. There's nothing
we can do about it. Oh, well, too bad.' There's nothing like having a
steady stream of 'maintenance' income from systems that collapse
like a house of cards when you push them at all. There's nothing like
the handy treadmill of ever-more-expensive "upgrades" in software,
that coincidentally also require 'upgrades' to the hardware."


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