OPNFV Summit Preview: Q&A with ZTE


ZTE’s Zhang Fan, Chief Architect of Packet Core, will deliver a keynote address at the upcoming OPNFV Summit focused on “NFV Practice for vEPC Commercial Network.” Read  below for a preview of what you can expect from ZTE onsite at OPNFV Summit this year. OPNFV Summit is taking place June 12-15 in Beijing. 

Where do you see your role — and that of OPNFV — in terms of the broader end-to-end open networking stack?  
OPNFV plays a key role in the integration of IT technologies and standards organizations by centralizing the ecosystem via a dedicated reference platform, which speeds up NFV development and maturity. Since OPNFV representatives are comprised of CT vendors, operators, and IT vendors, among others; OPNFV reflects common requirements needed across the NFV ecosystem. For example, OPNFV’s strong collaboration with other upstream communities including OpenStack, OpenDaylight, DPDK, FD.io, etc. illustrate the project’s ability to serve as a connection across the end-to-end open networking stack.  

OPNFV is the only open source community targeting  NFV solutions, including infrastructure, VIM and MANO. ZTE is pleased to be joining the OPNFV community along the journey to accelerate open source NFV.

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