OpsDev Is Coming


OpsDev means that the dependencies of the various application components must be understood and modeled first before the development process begins. 

Apple is continually aligning all products and apps so a user with multiple Apple products can have a seamless experience while switching from one device or app to another without losing the user’s context of what they are doing. Instead of focusing on the product features or product specs, the company focuses on its customers’ experiences. …

As you can see, the delivery of such personalized software services impacts the design paradigm and now must be inverted. While DevOps tends to start with the developer-led challenges (e.g., code review and code standards, build management and continuous integration), it ultimately sits in the wheelhouse of operations teams once the application is promoted into production; OpsDev begins with the end in mind. Once we understand the interdependencies of the different data sources and its availability, we can then design the component that ties everything together. Additionally, the smart fridge software is constantly updated. 

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