February 11, 2006

Optimati to Distribute Migration Tool Down Under

Guest writes "February 9, 2006 – Versora announced today a distribution partnership in Australia and New Zealand with Optimati Limited for its Windows to Linux desktop migration product Progression Desktop."A Linux Product Excellence Award finalist at the 2005 LinuxWorld Boston and San Francisco Conferences, Progression Desktop automates the migration of data, application and system settings from Windows to Linux desktops.

"As the Linux desktop continues to gain popularity in the mainstream, the Progression Desktop migration tool is playing an important role in easing the transition off Windows” said Optimati Limited Director Paul Flatt. “After testing the product, we are impressed at how easy it is to use in smaller environments while, at the same time, being battle-hardened for large scale enterprise level migrations.”

Progression Desktop employs an easy to use "next, next, finished" interface to guide the user through a migration. Additionally, migrations can be fully automated from a command line to allow integration with third party system management tools such as Novell ZENworks and Red Hat Network.

“We feel Optimati Limited is the right partner to introduce Progression Desktop to Australia and New Zealand,” said Versora CEO Mike Sheffey. “Their domain expertise with both Windows and Linux is exceptional and important as they educate the IT community about migration.”

About Optimati Limited
Servicing the Australian/New Zealand Market, Optimati Limited is a premier provider of a range of security software, appliances and services, including secure VPN solutions, email spam and anti-virus appliances, intrusion prevention, migration tools and a range of system audits to provide customers with a comprehensive report on the vulnerabilities that they may face. For more information, visit www.optimati.com.

About Versora
Versora is a leading provider of Windows to Linux migration solutions. Versora offers software and professional services that enable and accelerate enterprise Linux adoption. Solutions that Versora offer include Linux mail and collaboration migration from Microsoft Exchange servers, Linux database migration from Microsoft SQL servers, Apache web server migration from Microsoft IIS web servers, and Windows to Linux desktop migration. For more information about Versora, visit www.versora.com."

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