October 24, 2001

Optimizing or cheating?

Author: JT Smith

"Is ATi cheating at benchmarks or simply making their drivers for all those Quake 3 players out there?" That's a question the folks at HardOCP have asked in a follow-up to their recent Radeon 8500 review, questioning ATI's benchmark claims. "Quake 3 Arena is not only a staple to many
online gamers, it is also the de facto 3D benchmark in the world at this time. Yes
there are others out there, but chances are even your Mom knows what Quake 3 is.
Yes, even guys that write computer hardware magazine articles and have never played
a first person shooter know how to run Q3 benchmarks...and they use them.

What we think we have found out is that ATi has written their most recent public
driver set with Quake 3 Arena in mind."


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