August 17, 2005

Options for Linux growth exist beyond the desktop

Mark Brunelli writes "Following a LinuxWorld rife with new opportunities for open source and growth of the Linux operating system growth, analyst Gordon Haff takes a further look. Click here to read the complete article.

Haff: "Now, at LinuxWorld there is Debian and Gentoo; clearly there is an interest at least in some quarters, but again even then that's not anything new. I think in particular as Linux has gotten more mature, and more robust and so forth, at least for certain applications a lot of people are saying I don't need to pay Red Hat or Novell. This is primarily in North America where they are saying they don't need to pay them large sums of money that they could instead save by acquiring and downloading something that basically works the same way. Certainly it goes without saying that there are still plenty of cases where people are still willing to pay, but the other side is gaining.""



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