October 30, 2006

Oracle Support? An Oxymoron

Jeff Schroeder writes "I'm happy to see Oracle endorse server Linux to the level of wanting to offer support for it, as it provides yet more evidence of the importance and prominent place FOSS Linux plays on database servers today. However, I believe Oracle will never come close to achieving the level of Linux support that RedHat already provides. For the last two years, Red Hat has topped the CIO Insight Survey. Where is Oracle? This year they were at #39! This is even worse than Microsoft at #31. Oracle's 39th spot is down from their previously sad showings at #28 and #30, for the prior two years. You'd think for the kind of money Oracle charges, they'd be at least in the top ten. Just think what kind of support you'll get with this loss leader pricing. Oracle was, however, ranked high on one of the charts, coming in at #2: "Companies With Highest Percentage of POOR RATINGS.""

Link: linspire.com

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