January 12, 2008

An oral history of LinuxCabal (video)

Author: Robin 'Roblimo' Miller

In today's world of corporatized GNU/Linux and FOSS, it's easy to forget that Linux was originally "marketed" by decidedly non-mainstream people, many of whom are now ignored or forgotten. Richard Couture (check this old bio page for him) is one of the more colorful members of that elite group. He co-founded LinuxCabal in San Francisco in 1996 and moved it -- and himself -- to Guadalajara (Mexico) in 2005, where LinuxCabal is once again a notable force in grassroots Linux evangelism. But that's enough talk from us. Richard tells the story better than we do, which is why we were pleased to get him to talk into the Linux.com video camera between sessions at the 6ú. Festival GNU/Linux y Software Libre, held in Puerto Vallarta (Mexico) in November 2007.

Download Ogg Theora version

Links mentioned in the video:

CoffeeNet (1997 home page)

Silicon Valley LUG
LinuxWorld Expo


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