November 21, 2003

The Orange Awards for Technical Excellence

Chuck Talk writes "Every year I run into some brilliant ideas and projects that make a huge difference in the way we do our everyday business. They are not ideas that have hit the big-time and have company funding, but ideas that work well and are under-funded but very much appreciated. Sometimes they survive, sometimes they dont. Very often, they simply fall by the wayside or run out of funding.

Well, I have thought about how we can change that outcome and come to the conclusion that there are several projects which could use our attention and assistance. I think that if we have enough people involved we can bring attention to some of the more deserving projects that do not regularly get the press play that the larger and better organized projects receive. To that end, I want to ask for your comments and input as to what projects you find helpful that are not well-funded, do not have a lot of people working on them, and are in a currently working state.

The purpose of the orange awards is to nominate deserving projects with working applications that are elegant, simple and useful. The Orange Awards criteria for nomination are that the software or hardware project:"


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