July 25, 2008

OrecX debuts open source VoIP recording technology

CHICAGO, IL (July 24, 2008) ââ¬â OrecX LLC, a leading provider of open source voice recording applications, today announced the formal debut of its award-winning Oreka Total Recording (TR) software solution for customer service management professionals, leveraging the power of open source in bolstering efficient call-center operation.Oreka TR allows organizations to comply with regulatory requirements and improve customer service by recording and retrieving phone calls without disrupting operations, exhausting annual budgets, or paying for extra implementation services that never get used. The open source platform allows for all-call, on-demand or selective recording while providing managers with options for live call monitoring.

ââ¬ÅWeââ¬â¢ve created a platform that can be indexed by time, agent/employee, date, and a variety of other fields, facilitating hassle-free and instantaneous record retention, search and retrieval,ââ¬Â said Bruce Kaskey, co-founder of OrecX. ââ¬ÅOreka TR is a voice recording system for the masses, we want to make voice recording affordable for everyone. The advantages of open source lie in increased flexibility, lower cost and better value for the customer.ââ¬Â

Oreka TR works by recording VoIP SIP sessions, passively listening to network packets. Both ends of the conversation are mixed together, and each call is logged as a separate audio file. The recording is logged using a standard sound device and can record multiple channels at the same time, storing each recording as a separate audio file.

OrecX offers free testing and installation and affordable pricing options for its Oreka TR system which is 75% less expensive than other recording platforms. The platform will feature the following:

ââ¬Â¢ Live Monitoring ââ¬â Managers can see who is on the phone and automatically start recording that call

ââ¬Â¢ Audit Trail ââ¬â Oreka TR leaves a chronological sequence of audit records for easy history-tracking.

ââ¬Â¢ Fine-Grained Privileged Access ââ¬â The programââ¬â¢s security management platform allows for tight privilege control.

ââ¬Â¢ Call Tagging and Exporting ââ¬â Managers can tag calls and export them so they can e-mail the call to customers or interested parties.

Oreka TR runs on the Linux operating system in addition to Windows 2000 or better. Oreka TR supports any IP platform and has absolutely no impact on network resources, regardless of how many users employ the system. Oreka TR supports the following protocols: SIP, Cisco Skinny, H.323, MGCP, IAX2, RTP. The system utilizes G.711, G.729A, G.723.1, iLBC, and GSM6.10 codecs.

Please visit www.orecx.com for more information or to order Oreka TR.

About OrecX
Chicago based OrecX provides open source VoIP recording solutions at a fraction of the cost of proprietary recording applications that often run $1,000-$4,000 per user. OrecX is the primary developer and sponsor of the Oreka open source call recording project hosted on sourceforge.net (www.oreka.org). More than 27,000 users have downloaded the open source version of Oreka has received accolades from Linux World, Unified Communications Magazine, and VON Magazine.

For more information, please visit: www.orecx.com.

Link: OrecX


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