O’Reilly’s 2001 Open Source convention larger than ever


Author: JT Smith

O’Reilly and Associates announced today that
registration is now open for the O’Reilly Open Source Convention, to be
held July 23-27, 2001 at the Sheraton San Diego, San Diego, CA.

With over 200 talks, 60 tutorials, and 17 rooms, this year’s
convention, encompassing the Perl Conference 5, the PHP Conference, the
8th Tcl/Tk Conference, XTech, the O’Reilly Summit on Open Source
Strategies, and others–is larger (and one day longer) than O’Reilly’s
previous open source conventions. The increased size of the O’Reilly
Open Source Convention also required a change of venue, and the
conference planners chose San Diego so that attendees could combine the
convention with a little R&R. “Fun, sun, and family activities are
endless in San Diego, and this year we’re planning more activities for
the families of attendees than ever before,” says Angela Capo,
O’Reilly’s Conference Planner.

O’Reilly’s Open Source Convention is renowned as a gathering of
top-notch leaders, experts, and visionaries from all avenues of the
open source movement. This year’s speakers and panelists include:

Larry Wall, Rasmus Lerdorf, Guido van Rossum, Eric S. Raymond, Brian
Behlendorf, Damian Conway, W. Phillip Moore, chromatic, David Ascher,
Jon Orwant, Mitchell Baker, Tom Christiansen, Simon Cozens, Randal
Schwartz, Mark-Jason Dominus, Doug MacEachern, Ray Lischner, and Andy
Neely. (For a complete list of speakers, see

“This year, more than ever, the open source convention is a key event
for anyone interested in the future of software,” says Tim O’Reilly,
founder and president of O’Reilly & Associates. “Even as the hype and
stock market valuations of Linux companies are receding, use of open
source software development methodologies is on the upswing, as
mainstream companies embrace the benefits of collaborative development
and open source peer review. What’s more, we’re in the middle of a
technological sea change, as we move from the desktop era to
network-centric computing. Open source developers and system
administrators need to learn new skills, such as working with XML,
building web services with SOAP and XML-RPC, or interfacing with new
networking platforms such as Jabber, Gnutella, and Jxta–not to mention
working with bigger, more scalable database servers and smaller mobile
devices and embedded systems.”

O’Reilly Open Source Convention and Perl Conference 5 Early Bird
Registration through June 22, 2001:

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