January 23, 2004

Osaia welcomes US Commerce Department Open Source policy

Under Secretary of Commerce for Technology Phil Bond today said that the
Bush Administration will remain neutral in the brisk competition now
evident between open-source software and more established, proprietary
software vendors.

Speaking at the Linux World Exposition in New York City, Bond said
"healthy competitionâ between the two development methodologies is âgood
for the market place ... We don't perceive it as a policy of either/or,
but both," he said. The Open Source and Industry Alliance praised the
Secretary's remarks.

Bond's comments came just days after a handful of open-source opponents
launched a lobbying campaign aimed at defaming open-source developers and
undermining the copyright protections central to their work.

"We particularly welcome these comments from the Administration's top
Technology official because some others in the Administration have
occasionally taken positions antithetical to open source methodology,"
OSAIA President Ed Black said.

"Just days ago, a failing software company sent Congress a letter that
defamed the thousands of developers of the GNU/Linux operating system.
Secretary Bond's comments will show Members of Congress and other policy
makers the absurdity of falsehoods spread by those who would rather sue
than compete with open source."

"We thank the Secretary for speaking out."


OSAIA is an association of a number of the world's most prominent
high-tech companies, including those that use and develop both proprietary
and open source software. OSAIA, an organization affiliated with the
Computer & Communications Industry Association, promotes the understanding
and adoption of open standards and open source software worldwide.


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