February 18, 2006

OSBC West, Open Standards and Open Source

Author: Andy Updegrove

Andy Updegrove writes "I'm just back from the Open Source Business Conference that ran in San Francisco this week, where I moderated a session on "Open Standards and Open Source." The panelists were Bob Sutor, IBM's Vice President of Standards and Open Source, Tim Bray, Sun's Director of Web Technologies, Jason Matusow, Director of the Microsoft Shared Source Initiative, and Steve Walli, Optaros Vice President of Open Source Development Strategy. A great panel, and representative of the quality of the key note speakers and panelists throughout the conference. I'll come back to what was said during our session later in this entry, but as a preview, here's an account from The Register.com that's titled "Microsoft ignites idea of independent versions of Office" and subtitled "Rivals Flame Redmond.""
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