October 7, 2005

OSDir Launches Tech Blogging Network

Anonymous Reader writes "With all the talk and excitement of Web2.0, blogging, and specifically participation & community it is with my own great excitement that I announce that OSDir has moments ago launched a tech blogging network - GrepBlogs.

Over the last couple of years I've personally witnessed the rise of another form of an upload culture. One whose strengths lie in the same basics as those that are the bastion of powers that have driven open source software and Linux to such great heights. The lowering of barriers to participation.

It has often been a sore spot with me that it can be difficult to run a editorially top heavy site. Difficult in the sense that it doesn't feel right sometimes that there are small, interesting, and important bits that don't make OSDir because of form. News stories aren't whole picture anymore.

OSDir will continue to be OSDir, but with one extremely important step forward: open particpation up in the form of weblogs that pay.

Participants will not only be able to participate directly on the subjects of their choice, but they will share in the rewards (50/50). Grepblogs will be sharing the revenue from the blog network directly with the creators. There are advertisers lined up as I write this. And they aren't just GoogleAds folks.

Grepblogs is now soliciting applications from potential bloggers. There will be a topic space available to anyone with a history of blogging on a given subject that has promise. The blogging network will be open to any tech subject. If you want to write about it, and people want to hear about it, so it will be. Potential topics are not limited to "php", "linux", or "mac". Think "linux security", "iptable recipes", "wireless mac", "bluetooth", your new book, "voip", "geocaching", "windows gaming", "treo"... the list is endless.

Interested? Drop a line to grepblogs@gmail.com with your name, subject of interest & your qualifications for the subject. A current blog address would be good too! Questions welcome."

Link: grepblogs.com

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