April 16, 2006

OSDL Desktop Linux Printing Summit Roundup

Author: Kurt Pfeifle

Kurt Pfeifle writes "Three intensive days of discussions and work that were the Desktop Linux Printing Summit are over now. The meeting was jointly organized by OSDL (John Cherry) and Linuxprinting.org (Till Kamppeter). It was held in Atlanta, hosted by Lanier at their Education Center.

Altogether we had nearly 40 people there. They represented a broad range of backgrounds: printer hardware vendors, Linux distributions and other OS vendors, desktop environments, printer driver development projects, application developers and Independent Software Vendors, printing consultants, standards defining organisations, usability professionals, developers of core Linux printing software and other organizations.

We identified 7 major and key areas related to printing were work needs to be done: 1) printer and driver installation; 2) error messages and general feedback; 3) usability experience; 4) print dialog extensibility; 5) printer driver development; 6) print job data transfer format; and 7) advicing consumers when buying a printer."

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