July 20, 2001

OSDL recruits Linux community notables

Author: JT Smith

The Open Source Development Lab (OSDL), an
independent, vendor-neutral, non-profit organization dedicated to enabling Linux
for enterprise and carrier-class functionality, today announced the addition of two
software engineers well-known in the open source community for their Linux
expertise and ability to develop sound code.
Zach Brown and Randy Dunlap join the OSDL team of seasoned Linux
professionals supporting open source development worldwide by lending their
expertise to a wide range of projects, providing analysis and recommendations
throughout the project cycle, while also contributing work of their own to the Linux

"OSDL is fortunate to have added this depth and breadth of Linux expertise to its
team of lab engineers," says Tim Witham, lab director. "We welcome Randy and
Zach, who will undoubtedly be integral components to the increased visibility of
the lab and the enterprise functionality of Linux."

Brown, 24, has contributed to the Linux kernel with the sound OSS driver for the
ESS Maestro3 and has spent most of his career working on the Linux development
and maintenance of Linux servers. His prior experience includes work at Red Hat,
Intel and Zero-Knowledge Systems. Before joining OSDL, Brown was a member
of the scalability group at Zero-Knowledge Systems, a provider of
privacy-enabling products and services. There he provided Linux expertise and
implemented software and protocol that increased the speed, security and
efficiency of the Freedom server. Brown has also contributed to a number of Linux
initiatives including Cisco's NetAid project, the ZD-Net retest of MindCraft Inc.'s
Linux/NT benchmark comparison and hftpd, a threaded FTP server discussed at
the Ottawa Linux Symposium.

Brown is currently serving as a member of the program committee for the Annual
Linux Showcase in November 2001.

Holding a Masters degree in Information and Computer Science from Georgia
Tech, Randy Dunlap has spent over 25 years in the field of software development
and hardware/software co-design and co-development. He has worked with an
array of systems and networks including multi-user minicomputers (operating
systems, firmware, and communications software development), NetWare network
drivers and SCSI drivers. Prior to joining OSDL, Dunlap was the Linux USB
subsystem maintainer while at Intel.

About the Open Source Development Lab
Supported by a global consortium of industry leaders, the Open Source
Development Lab (OSDL) is an independent, vendor-neutral, non-profit
organization dedicated to enabling Linux and Linux-based programming for
enterprise and carrier-class functionality worldwide. Headquartered outside
Portland, Oregon, OSDL fulfills a critical need in the open source development
community to have access to the high-end hardware for programming and testing.
More information on OSDL is available at www.osdlab.org.


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