OSDL releases Scalable Test Platform (STP)


Author: JT Smith

Portland, Ore.-October 15, 2001-In a move that will provide an invaluable tool for open source developers, accelerating and enhancing Linux for data center and carrier-class capability, the Open Source Development Lab (OSDL), has added the Scalable Test Platform (STP) to the list of services provided by the lab. Until now, open source developers have not had a centralized resource for stable, scalable testing of Linux kernel enhancements. STP allows for easy, automated testing of this work, filling a critical need in
the open source community.
STP allows developers to easily test Linux enhancements, selecting from a variety of tests, kernel trees and server configurations. This testing will improve the characterization and quality of Linux advances, speeding the development of open source software by providing a readily accessible means for performance measurement and comparison. All test data is archived and users may choose to post their results on the OSDL web site, making this valuable information readily available to the open source community.

Access to STP is available through the OSDL web site, www.osdl.org, Kernel patches or upgrades can be directed to OSDL?s large test lab, running a variety of tests on 1-way up to 16-way systems. STP will compile the designated kernel with the user’s changes, install Linux with the changed kernel on an OSDL dedicated server, run the selected test, report the outcome to the submitter and archive the results on the site for future reference.

“The STP initiative provides developers with the stable environment required for enterprise and carrier-class testing” said Tim Witham, OSDL lab director. “Developers can test their code early with only minimal effort required to configure and run the tests. It also ensures that system configurations remain stable over time and that results are logged, allowing developers to make decisions based upon these repeatable tests and past performance information to compare against the current test results. The archived results also provide the necessary data for retroactive analysis, accelerating the development process and improving the quality of intermediate output. Everyone, from Linux developers to end users, will benefit from STP.”

STP will give developers access to a wide range of performance and
regression tests, including dbench, LMBench, Bonnie and the library of
performance tests developed and compiled by the Linux Test Project. With STP’s stable, repeatable environment measuring changes across many applications and environments, OSDL has created an indispensable tool for developers worldwide.

About the Open Source Development Lab
Supported by a global consortium of industry leaders, the Open Source
Development Lab (OSDL) is an independent, vendor-neutral, non-profit
organization dedicated to enabling Linux and Linux-based programming for enterprise and carrier-class functionality worldwide. Headquartered outside Portland, Oregon, OSDL fulfills a critical need in the open source development community to have access to the high-end hardware for programming and testing. More information on OSDL is available at www.osdlab.org.


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