October 31, 2001

OSDN 'problems' and advocacy

Author: JT Smith

Advogato points to the VA Linux proposed name change and a decision for VA division (and NewsForge parent) OSDN to drop its cooperative ties with Kuro5shin as evidence of "problems" at OSDN/VA. "We still don't know how the two incidents will affect the community at large, but I think we should
consider a world without K5 and Slashdot and maybe discuss how the advocacy for free software will
function in such a design. Maybe the Linux community is so strong today that K5 and Slashdot and the
other OSDN web sites are not crucial for the survival and expansion of the community, but I am
pessimistic." This from the same site that questioned SourceForge.net's future last week. Even more on the VA name change at NWfusion.com.


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