January 11, 2005

OSoft's ThoutReader Goes GPL

Mark Carey writes "ThoutReader builds developer reference libraries around the globe.

Tacoma, Washington (January 10, 2005) - OSoft.com today announced that the
ThoutReader⢠is now available under the GNU General Public License (GPL) Version
2, June 1991, ensuring broader acceptance and future development of the project.

The ThoutReader⢠is an open source documentation platform that allows developers
to browse, search, bookmark, and append their favorite library of reference
documentation as well as reference books - from one program, at the same time
- even off-line.

Building Your Library
OSoft.com has begun building a developer reference library containing over 500
best selling technology books in the ThoutReader⢠format as well as hundreds
of free downloadable documents. "Many developers have tons of miscellaneous
documentation on their hard drives," states OSoft's president, Mark Carey. "Conversion
into the ThoutReader⢠format gives them the ability to organize and access all
of their materials from one convenient, open-source application."

ThoutReader⢠Goes International
"The ThoutReader⢠has had a positive impact on our business outside the United
States," stated William Boehlke, CEO of Signate,
publisher of VoIP Telephony with Asterisk. "Prior to offering an e-Book
version using the ThoutReaderâ¢, shipping to our overseas customers added as
much as $30 and two weeks delay to each book. Now customers get their book instantly
in a very convenient searchable format," he said.

Another early adopter of the ThoutReader⢠is MySQL, the world's most popular
open source data base. "OSoft's ThoutReader format is a significant step forward
for developer productivity," said Mika Asikainen, MySQL's Partner Manager. "We
are proud to welcome OSoft into the MySQL partner program -- and to offer the
MySQL community the option of downloading our documentation and books in the
ThoutReader format."

"We appreciate the world-wide support the open source community has shown us,"
says Carey. "Open source has no language barriers and nearly half of the content
downloads are from overseas."

The ThoutReader⢠is available free at www.osoft.com.

About OSoft:
OSoft Inc. is headquartered in Tacoma, Washington. Its vision is to have the
ThoutReader⢠become the standard platform through which Open Source documentation
and training content is delivered.
Contact: Mark D. Carey, President
Address: 2511 S. Hood Street, Tacoma, WA. 98402
Phone: 253-284-0475
Cell: 253-241-9102
Email: mcarey@osoft.com
URL: www.osoft.com


Link: osoft.com

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