OSRM *IS* Free Enterprise

Kelly McNeill writes “Open Source Risk Management a.k.a “OSRM” is an insurance of sorts that has been offered by some organizations to alleviate concern over damages relating to lawsuits for companies who are alleging that Linux (for example) violates as many as 300 patents. The more rational among us know that these lawsuits are baseless, but the insurance is there for the less informed CEO who wants to save money while increasing productivity but cant quell the brought about overly-litigious companies.

A Forbes.com editorial didn’t help to quell the concerns of these less informed CEOs. As a matter of fact, the news organization raised the bar instead. Howard B Golden submitted the following editorial to osOpinion/osViews, which responds not only to Forbes.com but also the Linux users that got baited by the story.”

Link: osviews.com