May 17, 2007

OSSEC HIDS v1.2 released

Daniel Cid writes "The ossec team is pleased to announce the availability of OSSEC HIDS version 1.2.

OSSEC is an Open Source Host-based Intrusion Detection System. It performs log analysis, integrity checking, Windows registry monitoring, rootkit detection, real-time alerting and active response.

This version comes with lots of new features, including support for OpenBSD PF and Zeus web server logs, compiled (c-based) decoders, daily/chained checksum of alert logs, granular e-mail alerting options and SMS format output.
We also completed a large re-design of the internal architecture of analysisd (ossec process responsible for decoding and analysis), greatly improving performance and organization.

You can download it from:
More information:
Full changelog: .txt"


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