January 16, 2007

OSSEC Version 1.0 is available

Daniel B. Cid writes "OSSEC HIDS is an Open Source Host-based Intrusion Detection System. It performs log analysis, file integrity checking, registry monitoring, rootkit detection, time-based alerting and active response. It runs on most operating systems, including Linux, *BSD, Windows and Mac.

OSSEC version 1.0 is now publicly available. This version comes with numerous new features, including support for:

  * Registry monitoring on Windows
  * Dynamic/nat'ed IP addresses in the server/agent communication
  * ASL (Apple system log)
  * Lotus domino
  * Symantec AV
  * Windows RAR

A full list with all the functionatilies and bug fixes are available here:
http://www.ossec.net/announcements/v1.0-2007-01-15 .txt

Make sure to check, as well, our new web interface (in beta) for monitoring your
logs and ossec alerts.

Download the new version (and the web interface) here:

Link: ossec.net

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