June 9, 2003

ossfsdonations.org Looks To Exceed $1 Million In Donations

Anonymous Reader writes "ossfsdonations.org, after premiering merely one week ago, read press release here, is looking to exceed $1 Million in donations. ossfsdonations.org is the centralized destination for donations to all open source projects, GNU software and Linux Ditros in existence. ossfsdonations.org also makes it easy for open source project leaders and developers to link directly to the donation site with this link. Perhaps one of reasons for contributing through ossfsdonations.org, is that with each dollar donated, contributors are eligible to win cool tech gear like a Shuttle XPC or a Microsoft XBOX. Whatever the allure, open source has a real ally at ossfsdonations.org. I hope the Linux.com community will join in making this happen."

Link: ossfsdonations.org

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