January 20, 2014

Out in the Open: These Hackers Want to Give You Coding Superpowers

Chris Granger is a computer programmer who thinks programming kinda sucks. It’s too complicated and too esoteric and too sprawling. But he hopes that his latest invention can change all that.

Built alongside friend and colleague Robert Attorri, his creation is called Light Table, and he believes it can not only improve programming for seasoned engineers like himself, but put the power of coding into the hands of so many others. “We consider programming a modern-day superpower. You can create something out of nothing, cure cancer, build billion-dollar companies,” he says. “We’re looking at how we can give that super power to everyone else.”

The problem with coding, he says, is that you can’t see the results of your work until after you’re done. In that sense, programming is unlike almost every other craft. “When a chef adds an ingredient, he can smell it, he can taste it,” Granger says. “When an artist makes a stroke on a canvas, he can see it. But programming isn’t that way.”

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