Outlaw Shellbot Infects Linux Servers to Mine for Monero


The Outlaw group is conducting an active campaign which is targeting Linux systems in cryptocurrency mining attacks.

On Tuesday, the JASK Special Ops research team disclosed additional details (.PDF) of the attack wave which appears to focus on seizing infrastructure resources to support illicit Monero mining activities.

The campaign uses a refined version of Shellbot, a Trojanwhich carves a tunnel between an infected system and a command-and-control (C2) server operated by threat actors. 

The backdoor is able to collect system and personal data, terminate or run tasks and processes, download additional payloads, open remote command line shells, send stolen information to a C2, and also receive additional malware payloads from controllers. …

The threat actors target organizations through denial-of-service (DoS) and SSH brute-force techniques. If servers are compromised, their strength is added to the Outlaw botnet to carry on the campaign.

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