July 8, 2002

Outpost.com offering a 1.1GHz PC with Linux pre-installed

- by Tina Gasperson -
Outpost.com, also known as Fry's Electronics, has quietly posted a $399 system manufactured by GQ, and running ThizLinux
5.0, a distribution created in Hong Kong.
Fry's house brand, GQ, is serviced by a company called BTC (Behavior Tech
that is headquartered in Taiwan. A BTC representative in California,
USA, says that the PCs loaded with ThizLinux have been online for about a month
and are selling well, especially since it is an "entry-level" system.

Here are some of the specs:

CPU: Intel® Celeron® Processor 1.10 GHz
Chipset: VIA VT133

Memory: 128MB PC133 SDRAM (expandable to 1 GB)

Two DIMM slots for 168-pin SDRAM memory modules
Support for 100/133 MHZ memory bus
Maximum installed memory is 2 x 512MB = 1GB
Hard Drive: 20 GB Ultra hard drive
Floppy Drive: 3.5" 1.44 MB FDD

Operating System: ThizLinux Version 5.0

Bundled Software:

PC-Cillin2000 provides automatic virus protection under Windows
SuperVoice is data, fax and voice communication software
MediaRing Talk provides PC to PC or PC to Phone internet phone communication
3Deep delivers the precise imagery and displays accurate color in your

It was not described how a system running ThizLinux could also run
PC-Cillin, SuperVoice, and MediaRing Talk, all Windows software. Maybe ThizLinux
is a Lindows competitor, although there doesn't appear to be any information about ThizLinux running Windows apps on its site. The BTC rep we spoke with seemed to think the mention of Windows software on Outpost.com is in error.

ThizLinux says it has an .ISO version of its desktop operating system available
for free download, but apparently you have to enter a product code and other
personal details to get to it -- even though ThizLinux writes on its site: "We
also welcome other Linux users who feel interested in our products, to register
as our online members."

ThizLinux company representatives were not available for comment.


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