February 18, 2004

Outsourcing: Who holds the Purse?

Chuck Talk writes "Just in case we thought that only American companies were suffering the fate of the jobs shift to India, there is evidence that this is a global phenomenon. All of this makes me think that there is something afoot, and it just isnt about the average workers competitive nature or abilities. The argument that it is good for the national economy is just so much balderdash being rammed down our throats that if you accept it, I have to question your sanity.

What is largely being ignored and un-explored in all cases is the connection between the outsourcing and the intermediary companies. Someone somewhere is benefiting by taking away jobs, and I can only believe that the person(s) who stand to gain are more than likely connected to the companies they outsource from somehow. Under the laws of this nation, I believe we should have the right to have those contracts reviewed by proper legal authorities.

Offshoring jobs and finances should not be sufficient to skirt the laws of our nation. I think that at a minimum, we need to be assured that no kickbacks, bribes or dummy corporations are being set up in India to destroy the American workforce. Who exactly is behind this scheme? Who supports this removal of jobs from our nation?"

Link: orangecrate.com


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