March 21, 2002

Over 300 network tools in lcrzoex

Laurent Constantin writes "We are proud to announce that lcrzoex now contains over 300 network testing tools.
Tool which passed this mark allows to spoof an IP/UDP packet.

Lcrzoex free toolbox is useful to test an Ethernet/IP network. As seen it permits to spoof packets, but also to :
  - create UDP/TCP clients (to connect on a remote site)
  - create UDP/TCP servers (to deliver local data)
  - sniff (intercept network data)
  - obtain information on computers' configuration
  - ping, traceroute, scan
  - replay data
  - etc.

Lcrzoex was adopted by hundreds of network administrators. It's available under the GNU GPL license, so each tool can be edited and recompiled to match one's needs.

It was successfully installed on Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Solaris.

You can read more about lcrzoex and download it at : rzoex/ [backup server] [backup server]

To discover usage examples also read : n/lcrzoex/doc/en/examples.html

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