October 18, 2001

An overview of LIDS

Author: JT Smith

SecurityFocus: "The Linux Intrusion Detection System (LIDS) is a Linux kernel patch that will allow users to take away the all-powerful nature of root. They will be able to
give programs exactly the access they need, and no more. The root user can be stripped of all his majesty until he is no more powerful than any other user.
In the end, it is possible to have a completely functioning system, without worry that some wayward process or malicious cracker can destroy a machine
beyond reparability.

This article is the first part of a three-part series that will offer an overview of LIDS. This installment will offer an introduction to LIDS, including how it works,
booting LIDS, sealing the kernel, and configuring LIDS."


  • Linux
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