Packard on the state of Linux graphics

Article Source LWN
April 25, 2009, 10:09 am

Keith Packard has posted an extensive summary of the state of the art in Linux graphics support and where things are going in the future. “In moving towards our eventual goal of a KMS/GEM/DRI2 world, we‚Äôve felt obligated to avoid removing options until that goal worked best for as many people as possible. So, instead of forcing people to switch to brand new code that hasn‚Äôt been entirely stable or fast, we‚Äôve tried to make sure that each release of the driver has at least continued to work with the older options. However, some of the changes we‚Äôve made have caused performance regressions in these older options, which doesn‚Äôt exactly make people happy ‚Äî the old code runs slow, and the new code isn‚Äôt quite ready for prime time in all situations. One option here would be to stop shipping code and sit around working on the ‚Äòperfect‚Äô driver, to be released soon after the heat-death of the universe.