May 27, 2005

PalmSource confirms commitment to Linux

David Nagel in his keynote speech at the PalmSource Mobile Summit today say "Linux is our platform for the future." Nagel talked a little about Linux, however, focusing instead on wireless opportunities, 3G consumer and enterprise data services, and the need for more PalmOS developers to partner with cellular network carriers. PalmSource completed its acquisition of Linux smartphone software vendor ChinaMobile Soft (CMS) in February of this year, promising to unveil its Linux strategy at this year's devcon. There are 400,000 developers that develop software for the PalmOS platform. It has the largest community of mobile developers in the world, said Nagel, and Palm is well positioned to capitalize on a huge trend toward connected mobile devices. The PDA market represented 15 million units per year at its peak, said Nagel, while 700 million phones will sell this year.



  • Linux
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