Pandora FMS 1.2 released

Pandora Team writes “Development of stable version of Pandora FMS, the Free Monitoring System, is over. Version 1.2 is now officially stable version. After a long period of testing, Pandora FMS team has finished development for this version that introduces great features from previous version.

Pandora FMS is a Free Software project. Pandora FMS monitor systems, network elements and applications in any operating systems. It’s published under GPL licence. If you want to contribute, we are always looking for help, please contact us if you want helping with translations, beta testing, giving support to other users, or coding.

Some changes from last version are.

-Network monitoring without need to install agents.
-SNMP console to receive traps
-Better alerts.
-Better user visualization
-Internal messages between teams and operators.
-Better usability.
-Pandora FMS also includes a new Windows Agent, with graphical installer, that allows to monitor easily Windows hosts.
-Individual module interval for each module.
-On-demand agent polling (for network modules).
-Other minor features.

You can download Pandora FMS v1.2 from