February 5, 2001

The paradox of inverse situation (whatever that means)

Author: JT Smith

Here's a rather rambling opination from Linux Planet: " KDE, meanwhile, was off in a tiny booth in the middle of the .org section of the show, staffed not by KDE employees (of which there are none) but
by volunteers who were happy to talk about KDE. KDE2 was being handed out not at the KDE booth but by SuSE, which was (a little puzzlingly)
giving away a CD with the KDE2 upgrade for SuSE but not SuSE itself. The upgrade was wrapped in a small book that is the best KDE2
documentation I've seen. The difference between the displays of Gnomish stuff -- Eazel and Ximian --and the KDE display could not have been
more striking. But we may here have an example of the difference between freefall and parachute: KDE's goal is to produce a good desktop that
users can have for free, while the others have popped their chutes and now hope to make money."


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