Parallel Programming: Non-optimal Is as Non-optimal Does

Article Source Linux Magazine
October 21, 2009, 10:00 am

Before I begin yet another discussion of “the ways we don’t know how to describe many things happening at the same time,” I feel obligated to point out the most non-optimal thing I have seen in a while. By “non-optimal” I really mean a politically correct way of saying stupid. I have told my daughter, never tell anyone they are being stupid, just use the phrase non-optimal, chances are, they will not understand it, in which case your intuition was right.

Getting back to today‚Äôs non-optimal tidbit. Even with spam filters, I usually get a handful of unwanted email each day. Today I have seen a bunch of emails slipping through with the most hilarious From: and Subject: lines. The messages it seems are from United Parcel Service or as I like to say UPS. The subject line reads FedEx Tracking N5421062126 or as I like to say FedEx. Maybe I did not get the memo, but I don‚Äôt think UPS is delivering FedEx packages. There is a total impedance mismatch of the sender and the subject. This contrivance shows the spammer has either a basic misunderstanding of the current world-wide package delivery system or is just plain non-optimal (or both). And, I‚Äôm not even going to mention the contents of the email that references the postal package and October 18st. Of course, I assume the non-optimality will continue as Jane and Joe SixPack click and add yet another piece of crude to their computer…

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