February 12, 2004

Paris eyes open-source switch

Following Munich, Germany's decision to switch to Linux desktops, the French capital of Paris is studying a similar move.

Systems integrator Unilog is set to carry out a feasibility study on the installation of open-source software systems for the city of Paris, the
company has said. On the strength of an earlier Unilog study, Munich agreed to migrate thousands of desktops from Windows to the open-source operating
system Linux.

The three-month study will review the 17,000 Windows-based PCs used by the French capital's administration, including 400 servers and 600
applications, and it was awarded to Unilog as a direct result of the Munich study, the company said. In May of last year, Munich decided to equip
14,000 workstations with SuSE Linux-based systems, a move seen as a significant win for the open-source camp. Linux is highly popular on servers, but
does not yet challenge Microsoft's dominance of the desktop.

Link: zdnet.com


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