August 18, 2005

Part 2 of Release 1.0 Report on Open Source Commun

Dave Rosenberg writes "Open Source Community: How to win friends and influence developers (Part II) is now live.

The first part of this series outlined the importance of building a community to support any open-source project or company. It also described the first of the three community models I discovered in my research: the Founding Technologist model, in which the community is built around a technologist who is visible and vocal in the open source developer world. The example companies profiled were MySQL and Sourcefire. The second model, covered here, is the Built from Scratch model and features SugarCRM, Zend and Sleepycat. In this model, companies base their community development efforts on the merits of the products they produce. The third model, covered in the final part of this series, will outline the Established Leader model, in which the community is based on a non-founding but established leader in the open-source or other technology space."

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