September 17, 2000

Paul Nervy Notes online

Author: JT Smith

The Paul Nervy Notes are e-books that, in several ways, show themselves to be something new, different and geek friendly. The Paul Nervy Notes are now available for reading online at The softcover paperback versions are available at people define an e-book as any book in digital form. In my view, a more refined definition of an e-book is a book that not only exists in digital form, but also exists in a markedly different, computer influenced style (a different animal) than the
paper books we read. The Paul Nervy Notes are new in this respect because the traditional linear prose style of paragraph and chapter gives way to a more database-like entity that yet retains a human feel.

A second point is that more important than the medium of the books we read (digital or paper) is the content of the books we read. To my mind, if most Americans continues to read only potboilers, even if they do so on e-book readers, then the progress made is questionable. The Paul Nervy Notes are
different from many of the traditional best-selling genres found on most bookstore shelves. The Notes are global in scope and contain less fluff 'n puff, and more useful stuff.

Thirdly, Paul Nervy has put the Notes online for reading. A small yet
increasing number of authors have wrested control from the publishing houses and taken this step. Wendy Grossman, author of "Net Wars", and Seth Godin, author of "Ideavirus" are two authors that come to mind. One could argue that an important point distinguishing e-books from paper books is the power-structure of each publishing model. Another recent example of this
point is Stephen King deciding to self-publish "The Plant" by-passing his previous e-book publisher Simon and Schuster.

To sum up, by adhering to the criteria of new style, new content, and new business model, the Paul Nervy Notes helps exemplify what is different and good in e-books today.

awareness and desire,
Paul Nervy

Copyright 2000 by Paul Nervy.

-Paul Nervy

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