Paving with Good Intentions: The Attempt to Rescue the Network Time Protocol


After the Heartbleed bug revealed in April 2014 how understaffed and under-funded the OpenSSL project was, the Network Time Foundation was discovered to be one of several projects in a similar condition. Unfortunately, thanks to a project fork, the efforts to lend NTP support have only divided the development community and created two projects scrambling for funds where originally there was only one.

NTP was originally written by David L. Mills in 1985. Today, the project has been managed for years by Harlan Stenn, whose hours developing the protocol have regularly exceeded funding, and were volunteered largely at the expense of his own consulting business. Currently, the project has four main contributors, one of whom is on sabbatical. The project is part of the Network Time Foundation, but other contributors are working on related projects, all of which are just as understaffed.

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