January 22, 2007

PCLinuxOS 2007 Test 1 Screenshots

Anonymous Reader writes "PCLinuxOS 2007 Test release 1 is now available for download. Please note this is not the final release. PCLinuxOS 2007 final will be released at the end of the month. Features include: kernel; KDE 3.5.6; Mozilla Firefox; Flash 9; OpenOffice.org 2.1.0; Beryl, Compiz, AIGLX and Xgl for 3D graphics support; GCC 4.1.1 and updated glibc; updated bootsplash, icons, and more from the MyPCLinuxOS.com beautification project; Xdg menu system; rebuild and update of our entire repository against new GCC and glibc; simplified live CD boot options. - DistroWatch.

Screenshots of PCLinuxOS 2007 Test 1 are available at LinuxQuestions.org."

Link: shots.linuxquestions.org


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