June 22, 2005

PCLinuxOS Preview 9 Screenshot Tour

Anonymous Reader writes "pclinuxonline.com reports - PCLinuxOS Preview 9 is now available via FTP and bittorrent... PCLinuxOS Preview 9 comes with kernel 2.6.11.oci11 along with udev support. The fabulous KDE 3.4.1 with hal/dbus backend for automounting removable media, OpenOffice 1.1.4, Firefox 1.0.4 with plugin support, Thunderbird 1.0.2, P2P file sharing for Gnutella, K3b 0.11.24 cd burning software and many many more applications. There are almost 2 gigs of programs compressed on a single 700 mb livecd!

OSDir has some nice screenshots of this top-notch release."

Link: shots.osdir.com


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