February 26, 2010

PC/OS KDE and GNOME Status

PC/OS KDE has been pushed back. The developer of PC/OS KDE feels that the current state of the project is not at a point where he feels comfortable to release it so its being pushed back until the 2010 release. So we will have a KDE release just not as soon as we had hoped. But we made an alternative promise and we will honor that. If you install KDE 4 from the repositories after March 10, 2010 we will support that if you have a support contract.

Also, we received a lot of feedback from users about the GNOME issue. People also want a GNOME release. So, for the 10.1 release we will go ahead and release a GNOME version of PC/OS. Ones already built and in Beta so thats a little more feasible and GNOME has quite a few fans as well. The core team will concentrate on this release. This will also be just a DVD release with a few twists. It will have the developer kit installed by default and will use the Nimbus graphics engine for the theme.

If you are a gnome developer and wish to help out, do let us know.

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