March 3, 2010

PC/OS OpenWorkstation 10.1 GNOME Released


The developers of PC/OS are excited to bring you this new installment in the PC/OS family. Users and customers have demanded it so we have now delivered it. This release is based on the GNOME desktop. We are targetting this release for a more high performance crowd. So as we keep working on this we need the great feedback our users generally provide including what you, as professional users, need and use. So lets get in here and go through whats included.

GNOME 2.28
Linux kernel 2.6.31
Empathy replaces Pidgin 3.1
Full multimedia codecs
Sun Java 6
Evolution Groupware Suite
GIMP (With all plugins)
Google Chrome
Nimbus GTK theme and Metacity

As we continue to improve this release we will continue to add software and tools for everyone.

System requirements:

1 ghz Processor
512 mb of RAM
10 gb of Hard Drive Space
VGA display

Known Issues:

When you boot the Live CD when it gets to the gdm enter the user name 'custom' leave the password blank.

You can download the software from here

The md5 is available here

Or alternatively you can order a DVD from us directly for $20.00. To do this make a donation of $20.00 and in the details section of PayPal list your address.

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